Hi, we are a group of volunteers…

who are located primarily in Canada, United States, Europe, and Afghanistan. Recognizing the failure of both the international community as well as the Afghan political leadership, we came together to roll up our sleeves and do what we can to reduce the pain and suffering of the voiceless people in Afghanistan.

Our immediate focus is to collect, transfer, and distribute cash to those most in need who are vetted by our trusted team of volunteers on the ground. 

We aim to raise at least $50K and our promise is to deliver every penny to those most at risk of starvation. As of Jan 2022, we have raised over $20,000 (10K through GoFundMe and another 10K through other sources such as direct transfers, bake sale, food sale, etc.). See our GoFundMe page for latest updates. 

To learn more about us and our operations, please visit this site again as we update the contents. Or feel free to contact us with any questions you may have. 


Rafaat Ludin

Consultant, based in Instanbul, Turkey. 

Fawad Akbari

Deputy Director at Aga Khan Foundation & Adjunct Professor at University of Ottawa, Canada.

Alia D.

Early Childhood Education, Kitchener, ON, Canada

Najim Dost

PhD in International Studies. Based in Ottawa, Canada. 

Hanif Sufizada

University of Nebraska, Omaha, USA.

M. Rafi Baktash

Field researcher, B.A. Kabul, Afghanistan.

Ralph Lopez

Author and activist, Co-founder JobsforAfghans, Boston, MA, USA. 

M. Shafi Afzali

Public Finance Management Specialist, Kabul, Afghanistan.

Mohannad Hussain

Principal Consultant, Techie Maestro, Waterloo, ON, Canada.

Hasib Niayesh

PhD Public Health, Ottawa, Canada. 

S. Parwiz

Immunization Specialist, Ottawa, Canada.

Salma Yarjani

Algonquin College, Ottawa, ON, Canada

Sareena & Omid

Bake Sale Enthusiasts, Ottawa, Canada.

Nasiba Fatehi

Local distributor, Afghanistan